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Based in the island of Réunion, the creative Boss Mama Branding studio offers tailor-made brand strategy, brand creation and marketing communication services to clients all over the world. Create your dream brand image, ready for the web as well as print: graphic design, logo design, SEO web writing, content creation, website creation and development, digital strategy and web marketing.



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The creative Boss Mama Branding studio is here to support you in reaching your business objectives, we will help you make your brand look professional, exclusive and memorable.

Each day is an opportunity, start your branding project now.

Client Testimonials

Soraya, Saint denis, réunion

 Maria is just a fabulous women!!!

Always listening, sparkling, she transmits through her joy of living much more than she imagines!
Ideas run into her head the second, when she starts you can’t stop her!
She is my web fairy!
Excellent web design, graphic design 👌
Listening and even more! She has the feeling that makes all the difference and knows exactly how to target your needs see even better than you!! So amazing! 💫
I am beyond satisfied with my eCommerce website, and hand drawn logo!
I discovered a beautiful soul and hope she will be on my road for the longterm!
Thanks to be u 💖

Benicia J. London, GB

 I am setting up my coaching and needed help getting a logo designed. While I had a very good idea of what I wanted, I still needed guidance on what was realistic or not.

Maria was very helpful throughout the process and gave relevant advice and suggestions on the design.

She keeps the communication very clear and open and is very reactive (she will reply within minutes despite being a few hours ahead of me!).

The final logo I was sent is exactly what I was expecting and answered all the requirements I had for it. I would recommend Maria without hesitation!


 Maria has been absolutely fantastic and I could not believe how fast she turning around work without compromising on the quality. She listens to the customer, provides ideas and shares her vision. She is also very good at managing clients to help them move through different stages quickly and swiftly. She is an absolute STAR and I from now on I will only be working with her.”

Guy p. North Walsham, GB

 Maria answered the initial brief in detail showing that she has taken the time to read and understand it. All the way through the project she asked all the necessary questions to make sure she understood what i was trying to achieve with regards to the design work and the business behind it. She was happy to revise designs from the initial concept to completion. She was very polite and professional throughout. Her work is of the same high standard. I would recommend her and i will be happy to use here again in the future.
Thank you Maria

With years of experience working in corporate and creative agencies, now Maria, Founder of the creative Boss Mama Branding studio, is sharing her knowledge and experience, as her business evolves, so she wants yours to evolve too!

My goal is to help business women, create their dream business branding… More than just a logo design, the goal is to help #fempreneur women create amazing personal brands, websites which they have been longing for… to help women improve their Instagram feeds so that they can grow your followers and sell out products!

It’s not easy starting an online business. I have been in your shoes #solopreneur and I know how hard it is to do everything alone. Just know that you are not alone!”  

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The creative Boss Mama Branding studio is here to support you in reaching your business objectives, we will help you make your brand look professional, exclusive and of course memorable.

Contact us today! Each day is an opportunity, start your branding project right away!