Hello! Welcome to Create & Thrive website! 

I'm Maria, an award-winning graphic & web designer. I'm so happy you've landed here!

My goal is to help you grow your brand to THRIVE ONLINE with a powerful brand strategy, website that converts fans into customers + eye-catching marketing!
I'm originally from South Africa, where I got my university degree (BA in Information Design) then and spent about 10 years in Cape town where I had the pleasure of working in top creative agencies and tech companies! 
I learned digital marketing strategies for big brands (by working with amazing brands like Apple iTunes & Google PlayTM... Sounds like a dream, but it's true... I was part of the team that won awards from launching iTunes & Google digital vouchers in South Africa, one award was for "best country new product launch" back in 2014. 
After working with the top dogs, I learned how important brand & marketing is.
I still remember pulling all-nighters designing national leaflets for retail brands, in-store product displays and 360° marketing campaigns for brands like Pepsi, Ceres, Chivas, Hennessy, Southern Comfort, Bombay Sapphire Gin, to name a few.
Since moving to Reunion in 2017, I started worked for a digital agency and then finally decided to walk away from corporate after starting a family. As a new mom, I searched freedom, and was tired of working till midnight pushing deadlines for corporate giants... I entered into motherhood and was looking for a career lifestyle that allowed me the ability to empower the little man, boss moms and ultimately empowering entrepreneurs to gain freedom while living off their skills & passions has become my passion. 
So I finally launched my own online business in 2019 serving small business owners & entrepreneurs! 
Now I help brands scale with done-for-you services (branding, websites, marketing & SMM) and I also help new brands get launched by creating bespoke logo designs, branding packages and creating their websites, funnels & marketing for them.

I can help you to:
- Launch the brand of your dreams with a stunning bespoke logo + visual brand identity
- Create your dream website with powerful web design to get you visitors to fall in love with you
- Boost your online sales with beautiful sales funnels so that you can sell more online
- Grow & nurture your email marketing list with Email Marketing and a powerful lead magnet or "freebie" that attracts and converts leads into fans
- Make your blogging dreams become a reality with a powerful SEO-friendly blog and monthly content
- Create your marketing campaigns for you to drive traffic to your web pages
- Launch your eCommerce online store that is pimped out and ready to sell
- Grow and scale your digital empire with a tailor made brand, content & marketing strategy designed for your niche
- Speaking of niches... I can help you define and target your niche with ease
- I can give you the tools you need to grow your online business with Content & Marketing Templates that are fully editable in Adobe or Canva (especially great if you love DIY-design)
- And support you as your go-to Designer / Virtual Assistant to ease your workload while you focus on running your business
... If your vision is to build an elegant, bold or luxury brand so that you can find your dream clients & customers with ease, then you have come to the right place! 
So, what are you waiting for? Contact me today! I'm looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you and getting to know you better, to help you bring your creative vision to life!
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