Brand: “Sunshine & Love” 
de Soleil et d’Amour
Location: Reunion island & Paris, France

Experience Level: Expert
Estimated project duration: 3 months
We were given the task to transform a beautiful, boho boutique (physical shop) and energetic coach, situated in Saint Denis, Réunion island. Her dream was to digitize her business with a new eCommerce store, where clients from all over the island and France, can order products and learn more about the treatments offered by Soraya Sulliman and her therapies in Réunion.
La teA+M (Aurélie + Maria) being enthusiastic and passionate about creating digital brands and online content, the teA+M dived right into the project will heart and passion!
Each product was carefully photographed by La teA+M, a total of 200 project variant lines. We worked with the incredibly talented Antoine Veillard to ensure professionally photographed images throughout the website and each and every image has custom branding, to suit the overall visual identity.
All content (SEO friendly text with personal branding and optimized visuals) as well as the web development was done within the expected 3 month project timeframe. This website was created with Shopify CMS with payment integration for Paypal and MYPOS.  
“Not only did we create this entire website from scratch, but during the process, seeing our high quality work, Soraya fell in love with our design style and asked us to create a custom drawn logo, depicting her and the work that she does 💓” —M.
We are all so proud of the results, a true teA+M effort and emerging from this creative project is not only the beautiful NEW BRAND + ECOMMERCE WEBSITE for ‘de Soleil et d’Amour’ and her little boutique is now completely DIGITIZED! we also emerged victorious as women #fempreneurs as it is our passion to boost the brands of female business women, much like ourselves! 
Take a look at some highlights of the work below:

Teaser Campaign (client’s feed)
This is the post we created for the teaser campaign. It was posted on our client’s feed to spark a “buzz” before launch. She choose to LAUNCH with the NEW MOON, so we created a delightful image, incorporating her logo + the concept of the new-moon launch with some clever copywriting!
The original post was created in French, here is the translation: 
“Some of you may suspect it, but something has been going on for several weeks here, in the shadow of the Moon 🌕 A mutation, a metamorphosis, a rebirth … solar and lunar at the same time 🦋
On the occasion of its next climax, Monday, this project will come into the light! ✨
It is with great attention that we prepare with Love this very special moment ❤️ Stay well connected to live this great adventure!
🌟 Feel free to like, comment and share this post with all your friends! 🌟”
🌞 💖
#desoleiletdamour #AMstudio #boutiqueenligne #AMstudiocreatif #ecommerce #pierresprecieuses #bijouxfaitmain #magie #acree women # sorority #mieuxetre #energeticienne #partage
Teaser POST (our feed)
This is another post we created for the teaser campaign, which was posted on our social feed. For each and every launch done by La teA+M, we double-up the online “buzz” by creating a simultaneous campaign, which usually runs alongside our client’s posts. This adds tremendous value! We offer this additional visual and post copy, usually a freebie for startups 😉 Our clients love this as it boosts their new brands and we love it as we get to show the world which amazing brands we are working with #winwin for all! Here’s the post which went on our feeds:

LAUNCH POST (Instagram / Facebook)

This is the post we created for the LAUNCH! This was posted on our client’s feed to create a “buzz” and announcement of the new website + new brand launch. 

The original post by @desoleiletdamour was created in French, here is the English translation: “While working on my site, @mariaphieros came up with the idea of ​​changing the logo.
Idea that was already trotting in my head. With the little seed sown, we made up our minds two weeks from the initial launch date! 🤪
Suddenly everything has been revised, the launch date first, we have embarked on the “branding” led with a master hand by @comma_la_redac; color, photos (yes yes it is basically a photo of me) etc …
We had fun, giggles and I am more than proud of the result of my new logo!
I’m not even talking about the pride I feel every time I surf the site! I didn’t expect to have such a result.
Thank you my web fairies 🥰
A team of #fempreneur who complement each other wonderfully! @amstudiocreatif I thank the universe for putting you on my path. A bond has been forged over the appointments! I have no words to express my gratitude but you know me well enough to feel my sincerity and the love I have for you! 🥰💖💫🌞
Thank you also @antoine_veillard_ for the beautiful photos of the site! And my lifelong friend @erick_cattan for the make up and the hairstyle 💖
#sharing #sorority #sister #desoleiletdamour”

web banners — homepage slider graphics
Product Labels
Beauty products / cosmetics

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