Day #1 Challenge Blending Modes
Theme : Winter Memory

Being in Reunion island, my last winter memory is not the same as those based in the US a couple months back. It was the middle of the year 2018, it was cold, but still warmer compared to the winters we are used to in my motherland South Africa. Yes, there are definite cold, winter months on the island, but it didn't snow, I didn't get to enjoy my normal winter boots, or heavy jackets... It was more like jeans, light jackets, hoodies and sneakers as apposed to the usual, shorts and slip-slops we enjoy throughout the summer months... 
Photoshop Daily Creative Challenge

I am taking part in this PS DCC (Feb 2019 challenge) to stimulate my creativity and break away from normal client requests. With Adobe's ever evolving software, it's important to experiment with new tools and explore new features to improve skills and gain experience. Normally, I enjoy working through online tutorials but with Adobe Live we can take part in real-time interactive, daily challenges, I think it's pretty damn awesome to be able to participate from anywhere in the world and to be involved with the online community.

I'm a long time Adobe app user, with some 10+ years experience, I've been enjoying Photoshop for well over a decade and quite honestly, it doesn't matter where you are at in your learning path, career or creative journey (whatever you choose to call it) there are always new Adobe apps to explore and experiment with, new tools and features get released regularly (thx Adobe!) so it's easy to make new discoveries and boost your skills and creativity.
Stock images : courtesy of yoann-boyer, Unsplash // Software used : Adobe Photoshop and other supporting Creative Cloud apps. 
Day #2 Challenge Layers & Blends

Objective : Build and move layers within your document to create beautiful imagery. Play with opacity and texture. 
If you all like my island inspired approach to this challenge, please appreciate project below, thanks for watching! 
The above is based on the title sequence of True Detective, while the below is an alternative experimentation using the same photography by clem-onojeghuo & kamil-kalbarczyk, Unsplash.
Software used : Adobe Photoshop and other supporting Creative Cloud apps. 
Day #3 Design using Templates

Objective : Design and mockup a book cover using a template from Adobe Stock.
Day #4 Collage

Objective : Build a digital collage from found imagery using selection tools and puppet warp.
Day #5 Compositing
Tackle the basics of compositing by cutting, manipulating and combining imagery to create a unique image for a magazine.

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