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"Project via PeoplePerHour, after I decided to stop working in corporate, I was freelancing and started applying to projects via crowd sourcing sites, Upwork, Fiverr etc... The best I found was PeoplePerHour, and I used it for about 6 months." — Maria

Estimated project duration: 1 – 2 weeks
I am creating a career advisory and executive coaching business and I am looking for a logo designer to create one for me.
The name of my company will be Advise Tree.
I am open to suggestions but here is what I have in mind (also see attachments):
I would like a logo with a tree in the middle (maybe we could see a few roots) and the two words Advise and Tree on each side.
There are four main services (interview training, CV writing and translation, social media branding and strategy and coaching) and the tree should have 4 branches, one per service. At the end of each branch, we could have an infographic/symbol to represent each service.
Colour theme could be primary colours + green (one colour per service)
In terms of font, I was thinking of something similar to Century Gothic from the Microsoft Office pack.
The logo should represent dynamism, the idea of growth and development.


Hi Benicia, 

I’m Maria, and I would absolutely LOVE to work on your logo and new brand development project. I specialize in this field!
Not only do I have a tone of experience in Graphic Designer (+16 years), I am also a Brand Strategist, I help startups build their logos and brands and I help small business owners, boost their business by improving sales from enhancing their brand image for their audience.
This really is my speciality and I would be so honored if you would choose me to help you! I assure you, you will be happy to work with me. I really try my best to listen to what you want as a new client, and I aim to give you exactly what you have asked for, along with advising you on how to position your brand to your relevant audience (using color theory, fonts that speak to your audience).

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