La teA+M: Aurélie & Maria, two savvy creatives, passionate about copywriting and brand design. "We quickly realized we were destined to create magic together" ✨

Bilingual: English & French creative studio

Est. in 2021, AM Studio Créatif is a brand and web design studio located in Reunion island. Serving local & global businesses with done-for-you creation services, tailor made graphic/web design and copywriting packages. If you're a business owner looking to scale your businesses with strategic graphic or web design + SEO copywriting, you've come to the right place.
We are  Aurélie+Maria, two entrepreneurs passionate about writing and graphic design at the service of people who want to grow their digital empires! We’re CEOs of a creative brand and web design agency based in Réunion island. With over 10 years of experience in the fields of SEO copywriting and graphic/web design.
To bring your projects to life on the web and in print, our teA+M relies on a synergy of skills in visual & written marketing communication. From the design of remarkable visual identities to the writing of optimized content, we are your web fairies for professional branding + Website Creation.
Our teA+M is based on a unique synergy of skills, which forms a power duo to bring all your projects to life. Specialized in visual and written communication, we respectively have a professional experience of more than 10 years in the fields of communication project management and graphic design.

Aurélie is our bilingual French SEO copywriter and project manager. With a sharp pen and solid background in communication strategy, she's held positions of responsibility in communication in Paris as in Reunion island for more than 10 years. Specialized in copywriting and SEO web writing, she has produced tons of content for different audiences (both in English & in French), across a variety of marketing channels: web, press, print, email marketing, and social media ... she can bring your dreams to life with the power of persuasive copywriting.
Maria is an award-winning South African graphic & web designer and brand expert. With a flare for visual communication and creative thinking, she is the branding and web design queen. She’s created many brands for startups & helped hundreds of brands grow during her 14 years experience creating for advertising agencies in Cape Town before finally settling in Reunion island. With over a decade of experience working with major international brands (some as well-known as Google PlayTM and Apple iTunesTM) design, digital marketing and brand development no longer hold any secrets for her.
With both senior profiles, we have decided to join forces to offer a range of creative services that meet every communication needs in 2019 when we created our own agency.
Our  teA+M is united by a common desire: to give you the tools you need to gain visibility and win over your audience. Our passion is to turn ideas into concrete published branded content and scroll stopping websites, with branding and digital marketing. We think in French + English because it is part of our DNA. 
In work as in life, we are reliable and proactive. For us, there is a solution to everything! Trust, Agility, Creativity and Respect for deadlines are the four founding principles that guide each of the projects we support.

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